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March 23, 2021

Cache’s Corner: Guide to New England Staycations

Cache the dog with sun hat and camera.Hi friends, hope you’re off to a great week! Cache here to shed some sunny New England staycation tips for you and your family. I’ve been burying bones in the backyard all year to save up for a getaway for me and my pals at Partners Bank. But we’re not interested in lounging around on some tropical beach with a puppa-colada in paw.. No, we’re thinking something a little more local.

It came to me while I was out burying the latest of my earnings, (the boss said I was a very good boy this quarter) I was looking around at all the amazing things New England has to offer. And that’s when I decided, why not take my pals at Partners Bank on a New England staycation. Enjoy the local beaches, restaurants, lodging options, and more right in our back yards. It’s something special to experience your own state like those who choose to visit it. My Partners Bank pals were so excited about staycationing, they asked me to share our travel plans with you!

Top Things to do During a New England Getaway

To plan a New England staycation, I had to think like an out-of-stater would. My paws are no good for googling, so I asked around for some of the top things to do during a New England Getaway and boy did I get some great responses! No vacation is complete without an itinerary. Check out some of the top things to do during a New England getaway below to plan your staycation in style.

Enjoying Rye Beach in the Spring

Enjoy boat watching and spring walks along Rye Beach

A stroll down the beach is nice no matter the weather, and spring is no exception! My humans love it when I take them for a walk on the beach and spring is one of the best seasons for it. Walk the sandy shores of Rye Beach without tripping over sunbathers or interrupting a volleyball match, and soak in the season’s first rays of sunshine. A warm spring day is one of the top reasons staycations in New England are a must! One of the best recommendations we got was to go down to the docks and watch the boats. This time of year the harbor is filled with fishermen bringing in their fresh catch. Some will even sell you snacks right there!

Hit the Slopes in Maine & New Hampshire

Warm weather skiing in New England

While I’m still working on finding skis for all four paws, no New England staycation is complete without a trip to the mountain. Whether you’re hitting the double black diamonds, or just starting your first set of lessons, spring skiing in Maine and New Hampshire is the perfect outdoor activity. Enjoy warm weather, cool breezes, and my favorite – Apres Ski!

Bowling, Movies & Indoor Activities in Southern Maine

Smitty’s Cinema & Arcade, Sanford, Maine

Looking for some indoor fun? Recently joining the Cinema Safe program, Smitty’s Cinema in Sanford, Maine offers a unique way to spice up your staycation. Bring the whole family and enjoy plenty of indoor activities in southern Maine, from bowling and arcade games, to a movie and dinner. Make it a friendly competition and see who can rack up the most tickets during a night out at the arcade.

New England Lodging Options for Your Staycation

Maine hotels, New Hampshire ski lodges, & staycationing at home – Where to stay during your New England staycation

Where to stay was tricky, but luckily New England offers some unique and creative lodging options perfect for your staycation this spring.

Downtown Southern Maine Hotels & Inns

Stay steps from downtown in Southern Maine

Enjoy a quaint Maine hotel in the heart of Portland, Kennebunk, York or Ogunquit where you’ll be steps away from Maine restaurants and local shops. This time of year the lobster rolls aren’t priced as highly and you can enjoy all the best eats in downtown southern Maine towns.

New Hampshire Ski Lodges

Ski-in, Ski-out for a mountainside retreat

Looking for something a little more adventurous than strolling downtown? New Hampshire Ski lodges are perfect for those wanting to wake up to mountain-side views and corduroy conditions on the slopes. The best part is most have deals available for weekday stays and non-vacation weeks, making these a staycationers dream.

A Home Retreat

Making your home feel like a luxury getaway

If lounging about a lodge, inn, or hotel seems unnecessary, there’s no better way to staycation than by sprucing up your own home! Add fresh flowers to your coffee table, make a big breakfast in bed, and enjoy a “spa” day retreat from the comfort of your own home!

Woof what a list! All this vacation planning has us in need of a getaway! Me and my pals at Partners Bank can’t wait to staycation. We’ve packed our bags, I’ve spruced up the dog house, and we’ll be adventuring New England in no time. Tell us all about your staycation next time you stop by Partners Bank!

Pawsitively Yours,

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