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January 8, 2020

Partners Bank Employee Donation Program Pledges $1,000 to Two Maine Healthcare Nonprofits

Crystal Callahan (left) and Arline Hartley (right) with President Blaine Boudreau (middle)

Partners Bank President and CEO Blaine Boudreau presents Bank Receptionist Crystal Callahan (L) and VP/ Accounting Department Manager Arline Hartley (R) with $500 each toward the Employee Donation Program. Hartley was chosen for November, with Callahan being selected for December.

SANFORD, Maine—Partners Bank is proud to announce that the Maine Transplant Program and the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition have each been awarded a $500 gift as part of the Bank’s Employee Donation Program (EDP). Arline Hartley, who was randomly selected as the 44th employee to participate in the EDP, designated the Maine Transplant Program as her recipient of choice. The Maine Breast Cancer Coalition was designated as a donation recipient by Crystal Callahan.

A specialized medical service of Maine Medical Center, the Maine Transplant Program provides care for patients with irreversible kidney failure and their living donors; it is Maine’s only transplant program, having performed over 1,500 kidney transplants since 1971.

Established in 1992, the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition—a partnership of breast cancer survivors, healthcare professionals, representatives from cancer-related organizations, and supporters—is dedicated to making a positive difference in the treatment of breast cancer through financial support, research and legislative advocacy, and education.

Hartley, Vice President & Accounting Department Manager at the Bank’s Sanford location, has a special connection with the Maine Transplant Program, since her husband recently had a successful kidney transplant.

Callahan, the Receptionist at the Bank’s main office and a breast cancer survivor, benefited firsthand from financial assistance provided by the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition through its affiliation with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“Both of these nonprofits perform miracles every day for members of our community,” says Partners Bank President & CEO Blaine Boudreau. “Arline and Crystal could not have chosen organizations that are more worthy of our support through the Employee Donation Program.”

For more information on the Maine Transplant Program, visit mainehealth.org/maine-medical-center. For more information on the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition, visit mainebreastcancer.org.