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September 1, 2020

Partners Bank Helps Cool Things Down with Project CoolAir Donation

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PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—Despite temperatures cooling off, the heat poured over the New England region plenty throughout the summer and finding ways to stay cool can be a challenge. However, Partners Bank has teamed up with Portmouth’s Area HomeCare & Family Services, Inc. through their Project CoolAir program to help ensure those in need are able to stay cool this summer with an $1,800 donation to purchase approximately 12 new air conditioners for those in need.

Project CoolAir supports members of the community who suffer from illnesses or other medical challenges, especially those with respiratory or other breathing difficulties. Often, such people choose to “do without” air conditioning because they cannot afford it or do not know where to seek assistance. Since the program was founded in 2000, AHC has been able to purchase hundreds of air conditioners.

“We’ve all learned just how much the weather can affect our health, and the hot summer temperatures is no different,” said Bank President & CEO, Blaine Boudreau. “We’re happy to help support Project CoolAir and their mission of ensuring those with chronic medical conditions can live a comfortable life.”

To learn more about AHC, its Project CoolAir program, or how to get involved, visit areahomecare.org.