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November 19, 2020

Partners Bank Employee Donation Program Supports the Ryan Home Project

Lisa Holt with check for $500 for Ryan Home Project.

Lisa Holt poses with a check for $500 that will go to The Ryan Home Project as part of her selection through the Partners Bank Employee Donation Program.

NORTH BERWICK, Maine—Partners Bank Training Manager, Lisa Holt is the 56th employee to be chosen for the Bank’s Employee Donation Program to select a non-profit or charity of her choice to receive $500. For the month of November, Holt chose The Ryan Home Project in North Berwick.

The Ryan Home Project is a movement to provide housing to homeless within the Maine School Administrative District No. 60 which consists of primarily Noble Middle and High School students who do not have a regular home to return to each day.

The Project aims to provide the security of a stable home to all young persons in North Berwick, Berwick and Lebanon, which allows them to work on and develop the appropriate skills and knowledge that they will need as they enter the next phases of their lives.

Holt chose this organization because a close college friend of hers is currently serving as the “house family” for The Ryan Home Project.

“Not being from the immediate area, I had not heard of the Ryan Home until Meg [Fox] mentioned that she and her family would be moving in,” Holt said. “Having been an educator in a similar demographic I’ve seen firsthand the effect that unstable housing can have on a student in their formative adult years. This is a resource that is very much needed but relies heavily on donations. I am so happy to be able to make such a substantial donation with the help of Partners Bank.”

The Project is completely funded by private donations. Funds help support the upkeep of the Ryan Home, furnishing the home, upkeep with the vegetable and flower garden and so much more. If you’d like to make a donation to The Ryan Home Project or learn more on how else you can help, contact Director Sue Austin at [email protected] or by phone at (207) 651-1881.