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October 30, 2020

Partners Bank Gifts Sanford Food Pantry $500 Through Employee Donation Program

Jillian Porter stands with a big check for $500 for the Sanford Food Pantry after she was selected to choose an organization for the Bank's Employee Donation Program.

The Sanford Food Pantry was selected by Partners Bank Customer Service Representative, Jillian Porter as part of the Bank’s Employee Donation Program to receive $500 in October. 

SANFORD, Maine—The Sanford Food Pantry is the latest recipient to receive $500 from Partners Bank through its Employee Donation Program.

Jillian Porter, who serves as a Customer Service Representative for the bank, was selected as the 55th employee to name a non-profit organization to receive the program’s monthly gift for October.

Her motivation for selecting the Sanford Food Pantry stems back to her time in Sanford High School as a member of the Key Club community service club where the food pantry served as the club’s major emphasis project. Porter was also especially excited at the time to learn that a family friend, Carol Cail, ran the organization.

“The Sanford Food Pantry and food pantries all over provide so much for the community,” Porter said. “I just can’t image letting people in need go without eating meals, especially when we have the means to be helping those in need.”

“No one deserves to go hungry and the Sanford Food Pantry has been an integral member of the community to help ensure that doesn’t happen,” Bank President and CEO, Blaine Boudreau said. “The Bank thanks Jillian for choosing this great organization that helps people every day.”

The Sanford Food Pantry is located at 1204 Main Street in Sanford having moved from its long-time previous location on River Street just over a year ago. During the COVID-19 pandemic, donations are especially needed. Donations of non-perishables can be left in the donation box in front of the main entrance at the Food Pantry. To find out how you can help out in other ways, you can call the Food Pantry at (207) 490-2397.