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Message from the President

Blaine A. Boudreau

President’s Message — The People Mindset

At Partners Bank, we pride ourselves on being different from other banks. We do that by perpetually keeping people in mind.

“People” includes you, our customers. We maintain consistent communication about important events that may affect those that we serve. With the ability to create immediate updates on our website and our Facebook and Instagram pages, we were able to communicate when the recent storms forced us to close our doors for the day, caused havoc with online and mobile banking options, and when our electricity was shut down in a few locations. And best of all, we were able to announce when those banking options were reinstated.

Keeping you in mind also means we don’t forward phone calls to robots because we believe it is impersonal. We have a “live person” answering the phone and we strive to get you the information you need when you need it.  You will not get tossed around from one automated voice to another which is so often the case today.

“People” also includes our employees. Our employees possess diligent dedication to their work and are compassionate citizens in our community. This care is so apparent that it is award-winning.

On behalf of everyone at Partners Bank, we are so proud of these individuals who not only give their best efforts at work, but they are also outstanding citizens in their personal lives.

Lastly, “people” includes our entire community. Our employees devoted a total of 2,554 volunteer hours (equivalent to over 106 days) in 2023. The best part is that our employees are happy to give of their own time and money to giving back to the community.

One big upcoming project is our involvement in Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity’s next build happening in May. Habitat for Humanity builds new homes, renovates existing homes, and helps people repair their own homes and neighborhoods. Several Partners Bank employees will put on their work boots and help construct a new home for a family in need. We are always looking for unique ways to assist others, and we couldn’t be more excited to make a direct impact by lending several hands in this project.

We’ve also kept the community in mind by contributing $10,000 to the Ogunquit Museum of American Art (OMAA) and sponsoring the exhibit “The Architect of a Museum.” OMAA has been a significant part of our community since 1953 and is home to important works of art that date back to the late 1800s. It’s important to preserve our history and ensure that future generations can enjoy these art pieces. This sponsorship does just that.

Our service goes even further as we help Camp Kita expand to The Kita Center by donating $25,000 to Phase I of the expansion. Since 2013, Camp Kita has been helping children who are grieving a loved one’s suicide. With The Kita Center, they will be able to help more individuals and families by providing additional programs and support. This project is important in the growth of our community and has the full support of Partners Bank.

At Partners Bank, we lead with people in mind. We believe in doing good for our customers, employees, and community by providing the best services and experiences for all. Thank you for trusting us with all your banking needs.

Blaine Boudreau