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Property Management / Landlords / Condo Management

There’s a lot that goes into taking care of a business complex, apartment building or multi-unit home. Between monthly rent checks from multiple tenants, making sure property maintenance is up to the right standards, as well as various other responsibilities, why should the financial part be made difficult? Partners Bank offers several products that will help you make sure your tenants always come first.

Making sure things are in order on your property can sometimes take a lot of work. Contractors are hired to fix structures, tend to landscaping or respond to emergency calls. No matter the event, we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about a stack of bills to take care of.

Partners online Cash Management provides you and your employees with the newest technology and tools to access specified accounts, transfer funds, originate ACH files or wire transfers and pay bills. Find out how easy it is to pay and collect from vendors, have rental payments or other scheduled payments automatically deposited into your account.

Other Benefits:

  • Establish user rights to accounts you want your employee(s) to view
  • View accounts and review printed checks online
  • Originate payroll direct deposit files
  • Upload ACH files created by your program or create ACH files using Partners online software (VIP token needed to authorize proof of identity for ACH files and wire transfers)
  • Pay vendors and contractors next day electronically
  • Initiate wire transfers

For those managing multi-tenant units, such as business or apartment complexes, the monthly influx of rent checks can be both overwhelming and tedious to take care of. Partners Bank has two easy ways to deposit that money into your account in little to no time with our Lockbox Service and Remote Deposit Capture technology.

With Lockbox Service, we streamline the process of handling your tenants’ payments. These checks can be mailed directly to a post office box that is maintained by Partners. Mail is picked up throughout the day and payments are credited to your account the day they are received. You receive a daily payment file for accounts receivable updates. Lockbox gives you flexible options for your business.

If you still want to handle the checks, but don’t want to spend the time to compile them, get in your car, drive to the bank and stand in line, we’ll help cut that activity in half. Remote deposit uses a small, high-speed desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. With it, you can scan the checks you receive from your customers and make deposits electronically. This feature saves you time and money and is secure. It also reduces risk of deposit errors.

Other benefits of RDC:

  • Make unlimited deposits from your place of business
  • Perform your own research
  • Increase funds availability
  • Reduce the number of trips to the bank