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OUCH! July Security Awareness Newsletter Cover.

July Security Awareness Newsletter

Text Messaging Attacks: A Smishing Saga

Messaging attacks, occur when cyber attackers use SMS, texting, or similar messaging technologies to trick you into taking an action you should not take, such as giving up your credit card or bank account password or installing a fake mobile app. Learn more about Smishing and some tips to stay ahead of this new phishing tactic.

July Security Awareness: Text Messaging Attacks: A Smishing Saga
Cybersecurity on vacation, OUCH June newsletter

June Security Awareness Newsletter

Simple Steps to Make Your Vacation Cybersecure

The summer season is upon us, and soon millions of people will be traveling all over the world. If you are going on vacation, here are some travel tips to help keep you cyber savvy and safe.

Learn More
OUCH Newsletter May 2024 cover photo showing people using technology with the words

May Security Awareness Newsletter

Top 3 Ways Cyberattackers Target You

Social engineering attacks, in which adversaries trick people into doing something they shouldn’t, are one of the most common methods that cyber attackers use to target people. Explore the May newsletter to learn about the Top 3 Ways Cyberattackers Target You and how you can protect yourself against it.

May Security Awareness Newsletter: Top 3 Ways Cyberattackers Target You
People messaging others with the

March Security Awareness Newsletter

Messaging Do’s and Don’ts

Messaging serves as a primary mode of communication in both our personal and professional lives. Learn the most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them in your day-to-day lives.

March Security Awareness Newsletter: Messaging Do’s and Don’ts

Secure Your Business

Cybersecurity for Your Business

Learn valuable Cyber Security Awareness tips from Partners Bank with info provided by CISA.gov on Secure Business practices online.

Take Steps to Secure Your Business from CISA.Gov
OUCH Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter cover for February 2024 featuring information on Identity Theft and Protection

February Security Awareness Newsletter

Identity Theft: Preventing, Detecting, and Responding

Early detection is one of the most powerful ways you can protect yourself. The sooner you detect your identity is being used by someone else, the sooner you can act. Some of the most common indications of identity theft include:

FebruarySecurity Awareness – Identity Theft: Preventing, Detecting, and Responding
OUCH Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter cover for January 2024 featuring information on QR Codes.

January Security Awareness Newsletter

QR Codes

Have you ever wondered what those squares of dots or bars called “QR codes” are all about? You most likely have seen them posted on websites, printed on posters, used as mobile tickets, or on restaurant tables. How do these work, and are there risks you should be worried about? Let’s find out.

January Security Awareness – QR Codes
Email Safety Practices with mail opening in background

Email Safety Practices

How to Spot Spam and Tips for Maintaining Email Security

Email Safety is important to all online users. Spam, Phishing and Spear Phishing are regular targets. Learn more on how to protect yourself and your email.

Email Safety Practices
Computer Health Practices with locked computer in background

Computer Health Practices

Tips for Maintaining Your Computers Health & Security

The Internet is a powerful and useful tool, but in the same way that you shouldn’t drive without buckling your seat belt, you shouldn’t venture online without taking some basic precautions. Learn more tips and tricks here!

Computer Health Practices
Identity Theft under magnifying glass with numbers as background

Prevent Identity Theft

Tips for Maintaining Your Computers Health & Security

Together, we can head off identity theft and account fraud before they ever happen. Stop by and chat with our team or click to learn more if you have any questions or concerns about protecting your financial identity.

Preventing Identity Theft

Prevent Adult Abuse

Information & Resources for Those in Need

Help is available to those in need. Please read more and help prevent Adult Abuse in Maine.

Preventing Adult Abuse