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September 7, 2022

Back to School With Cache the Dog

Husky Dog sitting in front of "Back To School" chalkboard

Bow-WOW did summer really fly by! Between morning beach walks, afternoon hikes, and evening swims, I’ve nearly forgotten how to shake, roll over, and sit! Rest assured, my pals at Partners Bank are here to help with 6 things to do to prepare for back to school season!

This list makes it easy for me and the kiddos to get into a routine and have fun prepping to go back to school. Follow along as I walk you through the 6 Things To Do to Prepare For Back To School from Partners Bank.

1. Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping is all fun and games. No, really it is! Lots of families started their shopping early, but there are always last-minute items that come up even after you are back to school  My pals at Partners came with me to make sure I had everything I needed on my list. Teachers make it easy these days with full lists of everything we need. The best part, a lot of these are available in big discount stores for a fraction of the price meaning I was able to get a few extra things for my teacher’s supply closet too!

Tip: Are kiddos asking for toys while you’re shopping? Make a game out of it by asking your youngster to pick one thing from a few aisles under $5 and a timeframe to choose it (1 minute is perfect)! At the end, they have to choose their favorite one from the items chosen and that’s what they get to bring to school for Show & Tell!

2. Creating a Calendar

Getting organized can be the ruff part!    I was lucky enough to get a magnetic calendar to display on my family’s fridge where we can all use our best paw print to list big events, schoolwork due, sporting events, friendly activities, and more! Now I’m colorblind, so this doesn’t work for me, but my pals at Partners Bank say it’s easiest if you color code by category.

3. Lunch is Important!

Now let’s talk about lunch! while I choose to go to my training classes hungry and get all the treats for learning new tricks, kiddos can’t forget to pack a lunch. Whether they’re planning to purchase at school or packing one at home, lunch helps keep them going throughout the day.

Tip: Have your youngster help plan out what they’d like for lunch. Macaroni Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, these kinds of things make it fun and they’ll be excited to eat something they helped to plan.

4. Back To School Outfits

Back to school outfits are top on the list, I couldn’t show up on my first day without a fancy new collar or leash. Kiddos love finding new outfits but sometimes all the new clothes can be overwhelming, I’ve found that picking out my back to school outfit the night before helps when I’m running around the next morning.

5. Back Packs Hold a Lot!

I’ve learned the hard way just how much a back pack can hold, and I’m not sure I’ll ever see those tasty treats I lost in the bottom again! Make sure to talk with your kiddo about what they need for the day. Keeping their pack filled with just the essentials.

6. Have Fun at School

Back to School season is ultimately one of the most fun times of the year. I couldn’t wait to see all my friends from puppy school and see if any of the old dogs have learned new tricks. Kiddos are the same, many times school is the first time they get to see old friends and make new. Remember to have a fun school year and enjoy every game, new skill and milestone.