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October 3, 2023

Cache the Dog Recaps Customer Appreciation Week at Partners Bank

A Recap of Partners Bank Customer Appreciation Week Celebrations in Maine & New Hampshire

Woof, woof! Cache the Dog here, your furry friend and Partners Bank’s biggest cheerleader. I’m back with some tail-wagging news that’s sure to make you smile.

Last week was a howlin’ good time at Partners Bank celebrating a fan favorite event of the year – Customer Appreciation Week! 🐶💙

Now, I know you humans are busy with your banking and all, but this week was all about celebrating YOU. From September 11th to the 16th, Partners Bank rolled out the red carpet for their incredible customers in Maine and New Hampshire. Customer Appreciation Week is all about showing appreciation for the amazing folks who trust Partners with their banking needs. And let me tell you, it was a week to remember!

Each day, our pawsitively awesome branches had something special in store. The fantastic folks at the branches went above and beyond to make our customers smile. From goodies and treats that would make even the most disciplined pup drool, to giveaways, decorations, photo ops, and more! And guess what? Partners Bank even had real ponies! Yep, you read that right – Ponies lining the parking lot for all to enjoy! I couldn’t resist giving them a friendly woof and a tail wag.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Partners Bank teamed up with Binnie Media for a barking good giveaway! The “Partners Bank Pick Your Passion” giveaway was a hit for the second year in a row! 🏈⚾🎤

Customers from all around entered for the chance to win tickets to their choice of a Boston-based football or baseball game, or even tickets to see Aerosmith rock out at TD Garden on New Year’s Eve! The excitement was off the charts, and the entries poured in. People were really getting into the spirit of things.

So, let’s break it down:

🎫 Total unique entries: 644 (That’s 41 more entries than last year! You guys rock!)

🎸 322 entries to win tickets to the Aerosmith concert – Rock on!

🏈 254 entries to win tickets to the Boston-based football game – Touchdown!

⚾ 68 entries to win tickets to the Boston Baseball game – Play ball!

Now, drumroll, please… it’s time to announce the lucky winners who will be living their passion!

🌟 Robert Spearin from Sanford, Maine 🌟 Robbie Crawson from Rye, New Hampshire 🌟 Gail Leedberg from South Berwick, Maine

Congratulations, folks! You’re in for some unforgettable experiences, and I’m just a bit jealous that I can’t tag along. But hey, if you need a furry friend to help you cheer on your favorite team or sing along with Aerosmith, I’m always here!

But that’s not all! We also had a contest where our customers could vote for their favorite non-profit organizations. The top-voted groups received generous donations to support their incredible work in our communities.

🥇 First Place: Grammy Rose Dog Rescue (WOOF WOOF!!) – $750

🥈 Second Place: Buxton Toy Box – $500🏆

All Other Organizations: $250 Each

Other organizations include:

  • Center for Grieving Children
  • Pope Memorial Humane Society (BOW WOW)
  • Safe Haven Humane (WOOF)
  • York County Shelter
  • Granite YMCA
  • Seacoast Science Center
  • Chase Home
  • Haven
  • Caring Unlimited

To all the wonderful organizations listed above, we bark to your commitment to making our world a better place. Your support helps these organizations continue their vital work, and together, we’re making a difference in our Maine & New Hampshire communities.

So, there you have it, folks! Another amazing Customer Appreciation Week in the books. The spirit of appreciation and giving back lives on here at Partners Bank with our commitment to community being our daily driving force. I can’t wait to see what other pawsitively amazing events my pals at Partners Bank will come up with next! 🐾❤️

And remember, when you’re looking for a trusted Maine and New Hampshire bank that truly appreciates you, think of Partners Bank. They’re here for all your banking needs and more. Woof, woof! 🏦🐾