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January 25, 2024

Partners Bank 2nd Annual Heat Week Success

Partners Bank’s 2023 Heat Week Telethon: A Heartwarming Success

Partners Bank, a cornerstone of community banking in Maine & New Hampshire, proudly hosted Heat Week for the second consecutive year. In collaboration with the United Way of Southern Maine and New Hampshire and Channel 8 WMTW, Partners Bank aimed to make a difference in the lives of families facing winter challenges in Maine and New Hampshire.

Maine and New Hampshire Heating Assistance Programs: A Vital Initiative

In 2022, Partners Bank spearheaded the creation of a Heating Assistance fund for Maine and New Hampshire communities in need. This program, in partnership with United Way’s Keep ME Warm and the United Way of Southern Maine and New Hampshire locations, aimed to provide crucial financial aid for heating fuel to individuals in need in Maine and New Hampshire. Partners Bank proudly hosted Heat Week for the second year in a row, providing help to anyone who sought out heating assistance programs in Maine and New Hampshire. 

A Generous Kick-off and Community Involvement

Demonstrating their commitment to community banking, Partners Bank led the charge with an initial donation of $150,000. Throughout December, the community responded enthusiastically both during the telethon held on December 7, and the entire month. Partners Bank added an additional $50,000 matching goal to their donation bringing it up to a total of $200,000!

$227,580 Raised for Maine and New Hampshire Heating Assistance Programs.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from our Maine and New Hampshire community members, $27,580 was raised during the telethon along with Partners Bank’s additional $50,000 donation, raising a remarkable $227,580. These funds are already making a significant impact on the community, providing over 587 homes with heating assistance in Maine and New Hampshire. 

Community Banking with Partners Bank

Partners Bank’s commitment to community banking goes beyond financial services—it’s about making a real difference. The success of Heat Week showcases how community involvement and support can create positive change. Partners is proud to connect with our community partners and make a difference for those in need. 

Maine Banks and New Hampshire Banking: Partners Bank Leading the Way

Partners Bank stands out among Maine banks and New Hampshire banking institutions for its dedication to community welfare. The Heating Assistance programs initiated by Partners Bank demonstrates a commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by residents in need of heating assistance in Maine and New Hampshire. As keeping warm in the winter months is a challenge met by many in this part of the country. 

Making a Real Impact: Thank You for Your Support

Partners Bank extends heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in Heat Week—whether you’re a loyal supporter or someone new to community banking. Your generosity ensures the success of initiatives like Heating Assistance programs, making a lasting impact on those in need.

As Partners Bank continues to support the community, we invite you to be part of these heartwarming efforts. Thank you for choosing Partners Bank for your community banking needs and we hope to see and hear from you soon.