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July 28, 2022

Let’s Talk Turkey… and Goats, Horses, and More: Partners Bank Donates $1,000 to Animal Farm of Maine Through Employee Donation Program

2 people holding a checkPartners Bank’s Marina Grigoriu was selected to designate the Employee Donation Program contribution for this month. Grigoriu chose The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine to be the recipient of the $1,000 donation.

Sanford, Maine— As part of Employee Donation Program, Partners Bank will donate $1,000 to The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine (F.A.R.M.). The July, 2022 donation was designated by Marina Grigoriu, Credit Analyst.

The F.A.R.M., located on a 6-acre property in South Berwick, Maine, is an organization with a mission to provide love and safety to farm animals. Sanctuary is organized and offered to animals that find themselves forever changed, whether emotionally or physically. “So many times abused or neglected animals lose the value of trust among humans,” they share. “We will provide them the care that they may need to overcome these obstacles and learn the true meaning of compassion.” Additionally, The F.A.R.M. works with families facing hardship to offer either a safe and caring environment to re-home their animals or make arrangements to provide temporary assistance until they are able to get back on their feet.

When considering organizations for this donation, The F.A.R.M. stood out to Grigoriu due to their impact on the lives of animals and because visits to the sanctuary with her young children have made for fond family memories. “The owners are just a family that transformed their love for animals into a cause and dedicated their lives to it,” she says. “I’m grateful to be able to make this contribution to the cause.”

“The F.A.R.M.’s dedication to not only help farm animals, but to also help families with farm animals through challenging times is commendable,” said Partners Bank President and CEO Blaine Boudreau. “We thank Marina for recommending The F.A.R.M. for our July Employee Donation.”

As Boudreau and Grigoriu posed for a photo, Boudreau asked, “Do you have a favorite animal?” A true animal lover, Grigoriu declined to choose a favorite, but she did share that baby goats at The F.A.R.M. are her children’s favorite.

Grigoriu is the 76th Partners Bank employee to be given the honor of designating a nonprofit to receive a donation through the Partners Bank Employee Donation Program. Employees are selected monthly and at random.

To learn more about The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine and their services, visit farmanimalrescueofmaine.org.