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February 25, 2022

Partners Bank Employee Donation Program Contributes $1,000 to CK Burns School Coast Program

Employee with 1000 dollar check donationPartners Bank’s Jim Souliere was selected for the Employee Donation this month.

Jim chose CK Burns School Coast Program to receive the $1,000 donation.

Sanford, Maine— Each month Partners Bank chooses an employee to have the honor of selecting a nonprofit to receive $1,000 in their Employee Donation Program. The employee is randomly selected for this honor. CK Burns School Coast Program is Souliere’s choice for this month’s donation. Jim’s wife works at the school and this program is near and dear to her heart.

The Coast Program is designed to meet the needs of most of the school’s developmentally disabled students. Students learn functional communication skills and academics, social skills, and skills of daily living. As part of the program, students participate in community activities along with daily opportunities for general education and reverse general education experiences. Throughout the program, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech/language therapy services are taught and reinforced.

“All of us at the school are very grateful for the donation to the Coast Program,” said April Noble, Principal of CK Burns School. “Our hope is that this program will empower us to help these children reach their full potential as competent, independent adults.”

“It is always a pleasure to have our employees choose a favorite nonprofit for this donation,” said Blaine Boudreau, President and CEO of Partners Bank. “The Coast Program is a wonderful group and we thank Jim Souliere for his recommendation.”

To learn more about the CK Burns School Coast Program, visit sacoschools.org or contact April Noble, Principal of CK Burns School, or Jessica Clark, Director of Special Services.