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April 9, 2024

Partners Bank Sponsors YMCA, SYSA, Hero Pups, and South Berwick Strawberry Festival

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Partners Bank is donating $150 to the YMCA’s Trafton Center for the Stepping Out for Seniors Walk; $1,258 to Sanborn Youth Soccer Association (SYSA); $400 to Hero Pups; and $1,000 to the South Berwick Strawberry Festival

Sanford, ME – Take care of the generation before us, the generation after us, the unsung heroes and pups of America, and the food that fuels us through all of it. Those are the secret ingredients to a well-rounded community, and we’re so blessed that our area has people that are focused on those objectives. Partners Bank takes pride in being The Bank That Listens by sponsoring events and organizations that have that focus. Partners Bank is donating:

  •  $150 to the YMCA’s Trafton Center for the Stepping Out for Seniors Walk;
  •  $1,258 to Sanborn Youth Soccer Association (SYSA);
  • $400 to Hero Pups; and
  • $1,000 to the South Berwick Strawberry Festival.

The YMCA is a widely known nonprofit committed to strengthening individuals and communities across the country. The YMCA Trafton Center is a membership-based organization dedicated to providing individuals 50 and older with opportunities to socialize and participate in learning and wellness opportunities. On May 11, the Trafton Center will host the Stepping Out for Seniors Walk. Proceeds from the walk, including the $150 donated by Partners Bank, will benefit the Trafton Center and its seniors.
Located in Kingston, NH, the SYSA is for children in first through eighth grade. They promote the physical, social, and emotional development of children by encouraging youth athletes to embrace the values of good sportsmanship. The 2024 season begins on May 5, and the donation of $1,258 from Partners Bank will help fund the purchase of new jerseys for the children of SYSA.
The New Hampshire-based nonprofit Hero Pups is an organization with a mission of connecting support dogs with our country’s heroes. To help Hero Pups acquire, train, and pair dogs with veterans and first responders with service-related traumatic challenges, Partners Bank is happy to be donating $400. The donation will directly support the Hero Pups Putting Green. The golfing continues during the 3rd Annual Hero Pups Golf Tournament, which will be held on August 12. All funds acquired will go straight to Hero Pups.
The 47th Annual South Berwick Strawberry Festival is on June 29, and Partners Bank is delighted to be donating $1,000 to an event that supports volunteerism and giving back to the community. The festival showcases the talents of craftsmen from all around the region and the musical aspirations of talent in the area. According to their website, the food is all supplied by local non-profit groups who raise money to support their organizations. After the festival, the proceeds raised by the Festival Committee are given back to the local nonprofit groups in the form of grants to support local community projects.
For more information on these organizations that Partners Bank is proud to sponsor, visit their websites below.

About Partners Bank:
Partners Bank was founded in 1933 and is headquartered in Sanford, Maine, with additional Maine branch locations in Springvale, South Sanford, Limerick, Buxton, Waterboro, Wells and York, as well as New Hampshire branch locations in Portsmouth, Rye, and Kingston. Partners Bank is a mutual savings bank that operates solely for the benefit of its deposit and loan customers and is focused on giving back to the communities where it serves. Deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Partners Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Equal Housing Lender. For more information, please visit their eBranch at partners.bank, Facebook page at Facebook.com/PartnersBankOnline or call 1-888-226-5747.