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February 15, 2024

Partners Bank Donates $1,000 to Rett’s Roost, Helping Families and Children Heal from Cancer

Partners Bank Employee Justina Beaulieu with Rett's Roost representative at Partners Bank

Justina Beaulieu, Customer Care Manager at Partners Bank, stands with Deana Cavan, Founder of Rett’s Roost, at the Partners Bank main office after Beaulieu selected Rett’s Roost to receive $1,000 for February’s Employee Donation of the Month.

Sanford, Maine – Most parents would agree that childhood cancer is one of the worst afflictions that could befall in their family’s lives. Seeing such a young soul battling a wicked disease is heart-wrenching for all. Two parents who have firsthand experience and fought fearlessly against childhood cancer are Deana and Jim Cavan. After losing their baby boy, Everett, to cancer in 2015, they founded Rett’s Roost, an organization whose mission is to be a source of hope and healing for families who have been affected by childhood cancer and child loss. Partners Bank is honored to be able to donate $1,000 to Rett’s Roost for February’s Employee Donation of the Month.

Justina Beaulieu, Customer Care Manager at Partners Bank, was chosen as this month’s employee to select an organization to receive a $1,000 donation from Partners Bank. Beaulieu selected Rett’s Roost because she witnessed close friends suffer from the effects of childhood cancer. “In 2012, very close friends of mine lost a daughter to cancer. The pain and grief that they went through, and continue to go through, is something that no parent should experience,” Beaulieu lamented.

Rett’s Roost brings hope and healing by offering two types of holistic retreats for affected families and children, Positively Healing retreats and Open to Healing bereavement retreats. Positively Healing retreats are for families that have a child surviving cancer with no evidence of disease or stable tumors. The focus of these retreats are happiness, relaxation, and deep connections. Open to Healing bereavement retreats are for families that have lost their child to a chronic illness. In these retreats, families keep the memory of their children alive and support each other in their grief by sharing stories and providing strategies for moving forward.

Touched by the experience of her close friends, Beaulieu became involved with Rett’s Roost and has personally supported the organization’s mission. “I’ve been able to witness the amazing work that they do. They help families process the incredible pain from losing a child/sibling,” Beaulieu recalls. “With every retreat, they help families honor their loved one and provide guidance, therapy and most of all, love.”

Every year, hundreds of lives are touched by the generosity and dedication of the founders, volunteers, and supporters of Rett’s Roost. Partners Bank hopes that this $1,000 donation will help Rett’s Roost continue to create connections by providing healing retreats to families and children who are affected by childhood cancer.

You can support Rett’s Roost by participating or donating to their Behold the Cold Polar Plunge Fundraiser happening on March 3 in Ogunquit, ME. For more information on the Polar Plunge, visit rettsroost.org/behold-the-cold/. To learn more about Rett’s Roost, visit their website at rettsroost.org.

About Partners Bank:

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