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Homeruns that count

In New England, we love our baseball! Now homeruns count even more here at Partners Bank with our “Homeruns that Count” community action program, where Partners Bank is donating $50 to a different nonprofit every month during baseball season for Boston homeruns hit at home games.

SEPTEMBER – The Sanford Mainers

The Sanford Mainers Collegiate Baseball League is in their 19th season of bringing quality baseball and entertainment to the City of Sanford at historic Goodall Park where Babe Ruth once stepped up to the plate for a game.  Sanford Mainers gives families an opportunity to have a night out and watch some great games as the players get a chance to hone their skills and contemplate the road to the big leagues.

  • To date we have 6 homeruns for a total of $300!


The Chase Home in Portsmouth where they provide a variety of programs to help at-risk youths and their families build happier and healthier lives.  Whether it is home-based programs or residential programs onsite at the Chase Home, where some kids live, the Chase Home offers critical services to support at-risk youths and their families in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • We had a total of 12 homeruns for a total of $600!


July homeruns went toward the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Kennebunk where they do so much to protect our four-legged friends and give them the quality of life they deserve.  AWS is always looking for foster families to provide animals with a break from shelter life and an opportunity to explore life in a home filled with love, snuggles and companionship while these furry friends await their “forever homes.”   Visit AnimalWelfareSociety.org  to learn more about fostering pets, plus adoption, volunteering, youth programs, veterinary care, fundraising and so much more.

  • We had 17 homeruns at a home game for the month – for a total of $850!


June homeruns will go towards York County Shelter Programs, Inc., where they offer much more than food and shelter.  YCSP works to address the causes of homelessness in order to end homelessness.  Hope starts at YCSP, that means job training, therapeutic services and much more.

  • During the month there were 15 homeruns at home games for a total of $750 to go to York County Shelter Programs Inc.


The recipient for Homeruns that Count for April and May is V-MAT, which stands for Veterans Martial Arts Training. V-MAT offers 100% free martial arts training for US military veterans, reserves and active duty. Why? It’s proven to help aid in both physical and mental recovery, and our military personnel deserve our support for all they sacrifice for our nation.

To make this available, V-MAT relies on community support for fundraising. For more information on how to support that great organization, go to www.v-mat.org.

    • 24 homeruns at home games for a total of $1,200 went to V-MAT! 


Go Team!