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Photographer with sunset clouds

Partners Bank 2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners!

Voting has completed. Thank you.


Welcome to the Partners Bank Calendar Photo Contest for 2024. We are thrilled to showcase the talent and creativity of our community year after year with our Partners Bank photo calendar. The chosen photos have captured the essence of the seasons, the beauty of our local landscapes, and the spirit of our Partners Bank community.

This year’s top voted photo is…..

2024 was a close one with the top three photos being mere votes apart. We thank all who participated and helped bring the community to our 2024 Partners Bank Calendar. Calendars will be available in all of our branch locations so pick yours up today! And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, this year’s top voted photo is…….

December’s “Nubble Lighthouse decorated for the holidays” taken at York Beach, Maine by Steve Schmidt!
Nubble Lighthouse decorated for the holidays, York Beach, ME, by Steve Schmidt




How The Finalists are Selected:

  1. View the Captivating Entries: Browse through the stunning entries submitted by our talented photographers below. Each photo tells a unique story and reflects the heart of our community.
  2. Choose Your Favorite: Take your time to explore the photos and select the one that resonates with you the most. Your vote can make a difference!
  3. Cast Your Vote: Click on your preferred photo to cast your vote!

The Prize: The winning photographer will not only earn the admiration of our community but will also receive a $100 prize, the remaining photo contestants will receive a $25 prize. It’s our way of recognizing and rewarding the passion and talent of our local photographers who entered the Partners Bank Calendar Photo Contest.

Spread the Word: Share the contest with your friends, family, and social media followers. Encourage them to cast their votes too! The more votes, the merrier, and the closer we get to determining our winner.

Voting Period: Voting is open from September 18 to September 29. Be sure to cast your vote before the deadline!

Winner Announcement: Stay tuned! Partners Bank will announce the winner shortly after the voting period ends. You won’t want to miss it!

Thank You for Participating: Thank you for being a part of the Partners Bank Calendar Photo Contest. Your support and participation help celebrate the creativity and talent within our community. Together, we can make this contest a memorable experience for all and share the submissions in our 2024 Partners Bank Calendar!

Ready to cast your vote? Scroll down, explore the incredible entries, and make your selection. Good luck to all our talented photographers, and may the best photo win!

Early morning sunrise at Rye Harbor, NH, by Cory Pavitt

Month: Cover
Title: Early morning sunrise
Location: Rye Harbor, NH
Photographer: Cory Pavitt

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Heavy Snowfall, North Berwick, ME, by Holly Spitznas

Month: January
Title: Heavy Snowfall
Location: North Berwick, ME
Photographer: Holly Spitznas

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Carolina Wren in my back yard, Kingston, NH, by Evelyn Nathan

Month: February
Title: Carolina Wren in my back yard
Location: Kingston, NH
Photographer: Evelyn Nathan

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Sunrise at Wells Beach, Wells, ME, by Karen Meserve

Month: March
Title: Sunrise at Wells Beach
Location: Wells, ME
Photographer: Karen Meserve

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A beautiful walk to gorgeous falls, Smalls Falls, ME, by Rebecca Alford

Month: April
Title: A beautiful walk to gorgeous falls
Location: Smalls Falls, ME
Photographer: Rebecca Alford

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Stargazer Lily, garden in Portsmouth, NH, by Ilana Dean

Month: May
Title: Stargazer Lily, garden
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Photographer: Ilana Dean

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Chonky Cheep (Charlie) enjoying her birdbath, Lebanon, ME, by Calvin Cline

Month: June
Title: Chonky Cheep (Charlie) enjoying her birdbath
Location: Lebanon, ME
Photographer: Calvin Cline

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A Horn Pond Sunset, Acton, ME, by Karen Gellatly

Month: July
Title: A Horn Pond Sunset
Location: Acton, ME
Photographer: Karen Gellatly

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A colorful string of buoys marks the entrance to a lobster company, Owls Head, ME, by Patricia Garrett

Month: August
Title: A colorful string of buoys marks the entrance to a lobster company
Location: Owls Head, ME
Photographer: Patricia Garrett

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Dreamo wearing her Partners Bank bandanna, having fun, Barrington, NH, by Jaden Perkins

Month: September
Title: Dreamo wearing her Partners Bank bandanna, having fun
Location: Barrington, NH
Photographer: Jaden Perkins

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Loon on Silver Lake in the full moon, Newfield, ME, by Jason Harris

Month: October
Title: Loon on Silver Lake in the full moon
Location: Newfield, ME
Photographer: Jason Harris

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Fire pit invitation, Falmouth, ME by Tom Nash

Month: November
Title: Fire pit invitation
Location: Falmouth, ME
Photographer: Tom Nash

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Nubble Lighthouse decorated for the holidays, York Beach, ME, by Steve Schmidt

Month: December
Title: Nubble Lighthouse decorated for the holidays
Location: York Beach, ME
Photographer: Steve Schmidt

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