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Photographer with sunset clouds

Partners Bank Calendar Photo Contest 2021 Voting

Thank you for voting for this upcoming year’s ‘Favorite Photo.’ The winner will be announced soon.

Month: Cover
Title: Fly Fishing Beneath Mount Katahdin
Location: Abol Bridge, T2 R10 WELS, Maine
Photographer: Allie Owen

Month: January
Title: Featured Visitor
Location: Durham, Maine
Photographer: Rhonda Ferrara 

Month: February
Title: Golden Hour on a Wooded Backyard Snowfall
Location: Lyman, Maine
Photographer: Emily Cook 

Month: March
Title: Beach Rocks
Location: Acadia National Park, Maine
Photographer: Tammy Healey

Month: April
Title: Bank Wall Garden
Location: Alfred, Maine
Photographer: Lisa Cook

Month: May
Title: Sunset Barnacles
Location: Casco Bay, Maine
Photographer: Jasmine Boyle

Month: June
Title: Home Sweet Home
Location: Alfred, Maine
Photographer: Karen Webb

Month: July
Title: Fourth of July on Sand Pond
Location: Sanford, Maine
Photographer: Kate Cavanagh

Month: August
Title: Sunflower Field
Location: Dover, New Hampshire
Photographer: Ginny Brandis

Month: September
Title: Moose Out for a Stroll
Location: Millinocket, Maine
Photographer: Sara Hammond

Month: October
Title: Autumn’s Beautiful Hues
Location: Milton, New Hampshire
Photographer: Sara Hajny

Month: November
Title: Autumn Arrangement
Location: Cornish, Maine
Photographer: Jason Baldwin

Month: December
Title: Woodpecker’s First Visit
Location: Hollis, Maine
Photographer: Pat Garrett