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Partners Bank Rebranding Q&A

What is changing?

We are simply changing our logo design to better reflect our emphasis on the communities we serve, instilling it in all that we do. Looking back at the years of the pandemic, we continued to find new ways to serve our customers and give back to the communities we serve. We wanted our logo to reflect that emphasis on our community and our employees.

Just the circle graphic in our logo will change to better represent who we are. Our new design includes the mountains and rivers of southwestern Maine to the beaches of Rye New Hampshire. Partners Bank continues to be the bank that listens. This change will be a reminder and a representation of all the communities we are in.

Our name is staying the same. Our colors are staying the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Partners sold or has it merged?

  • No – Partners has not been bought by another bank – nor have we merged.
  • There has been no change in our management or with our Board of Directors.
  • Same People. Same Bank. Same Name.

Will the new brand affect the service I receive at my branch?

  • The answer is no.
  • You can continue to expect the same great service at your branch and see the same faces that you always have at our branches.

When will all of this be happening?

  • We are going through the transition now and you may see some updates happening throughout our branches. As of November 14, 2022, the change will be complete.

Will you still be headquartered in Sanford?

  • Yes, we will remain headquartered in Sanford. Our roots are here, and we will continue to have three branches in the Sanford/Springvale area.
  • Our new logo design will show our focus to our community.

Will the bank routing number change?

  • No, it will remain the same.

What about my accounts?

  • There are no changes to your accounts.
  • Your accounts and your account numbers will stay the same.

What about my Checks?

  • You can continue to use the checks that you have. When it is time to reorder your checks, your new order of checks will have the new logo design on them. If you would like the new logo on your checks, you may re-order at any time.

Will my ATM Card and Debit Cards still work?

  • The answer is Yes. Your Partners Bank Debit and ATM Cards will continue to work. Stay tuned for more information as we transition to contactless (tap to pay) debit cards next year.

What will happen to my current Partners Bank Credit Card?

  • Your Partners Bank Credit Card will continue to
    work until your usual reissue date.

What if I have recurring payments set up with merchants using my current Partners Bank Debit Card?

  • Recurring payments will continue to be made on the
    same schedule as before.

ATMS and Mobile/Online Banking

Will I experience any interruptions in use at a Partners Bank ATM or while using Mobile/Online Banking?

  • No – there will be no interruption in service.

Will I be able to check my account balance during transition at the ATM or when using Mobile/Online Banking?

  • Yes – you will still be able to make account balance inquiries via ATM and Mobile/Online Banking. This transition should not impact this usage at all.